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Helloooo, Castor clones!

Orphan Black ended season two with quite the twist: Sarah Manning and all her clone sisters (each and every one played to perfection by Tatiana Maslany) weren't the only clone project in existence. And that's when we all collectively screamed at our TV screens.

Turns out Ari Millen's Prolethean runaway Mark wasn't the only guy running around with his face. He was one of many Castor clones!

BBC America knows Orphan Black fans are ravenous for any and all new footage of these new male clones raised by a military faction, so the latest season three trailer is all about those mysterious Castor clones. And we are so. Into. It!

Orphan Black, Tatiana Maslany, Ari Millen


As obsessed as we all have been with the talented Maslany the past two seasons, get ready to start fangirling over Millen, since it's clear from the new trailer that he is more than capable of taking on the task of playing multiple roles with the subtle and not-so-subtle differences to separate each one.

So what do we know about the Castor clones? They were all raised together, and self-aware, unlike the LEDA clones who had no idea they were all the result of a science experiment.

We've already met Mark, the Prolethean who ran away and married Gracie (Zoe De Grand'Maison) in season two, and it's pretty clear he was undercover as a spy since now we know he was raised in the military with his clone brothers. The trailer also gives us a closer look at Rudy, aka "Scarface," who Millen describes as "a little unhinged, a little crazy."

"The one thing that you can say about Rudy is that he likes to get under people's skin and he will just dig and pick and pick at you until you blow up and then he's won," Millen says. "Then you get a smile."

The trailer also shows two more Castor clones. First, there's Miller, the soldier introduced at the end of season two who wants LEDA clone Helena for...something. Whatever it is, can't be good.

And the final clone introduced in the trailer (although who knows how many Castor clones there really are!) is Seth, the mustachioed clone, which we know almost nothing about. One thing we do know about the Castor clones? They're trouble for Sarah, Allison, Cosima and Helena. And we can't wait to see what they're up to!

Press play on the video above to watch the new trailer, "The Wolf Pack," above now!

Orphan Black season three premieres Saturday, April 18 at 9 p.m. on BBC America.

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