No tears were shed during CBS' The Late Late Show Tuesday.

During host James Corden's second episode, Oscar winner Patricia Arquette and actor Chris Pine talked about last month's awards ceremony. "Chris, you were also at the Academy Awards this year. We've got a picture of you here," he said, pulling out of a photo of Pine shedding a single tear. "You seem to be crying."

Being the good sport that he is, Pine, 34, laughed as Corden, 36, described the photo in detail. "You seem to be crying almost throughout the whole ceremony. Patricia won one—you know that, right?"

Corden clarified that the picture was taken "during John Legend and Common's performance."

"What's annoying is when I cry...I mean, I don't look great in the best of times," Corden added. "When I cry I look disgusting. Look at this! Have you ever seen anyone look so handsome whilst they're crying?"

"Thank you," Pine replied.

"Did you get any stink for this, or was it OK?" Corden asked.

"Yeah, I got a lot was a wonderful performance and it was really moving. A lot of people gave me a lot of crap for it," Pine confessed.

Arquette was surprised to hear that, asking him, "Really? Are you kidding?"

Don't expect Pine to recreate that moment, which later became a meme. "I would say as an actor, in my life, I don't think I'll ever be able to produce a single tear down her cheek," the Z for Zachariah star said.

Corden continued to tease his friend and co-star, telling Pine, "That's not true! You're a great crier. I saw you in that film Into the Woods. I have to say, I absolutely loved it. Who was your favorite person to hang out with on set and what was it about him that made you think he could have his own talk show?"

"There was a grip working behind the scenes, that I thought, 'That guy has a...'" Pine joked.

"Isn't that always true?" Arquette asked. "The funniest people are the props or the grips."

"All right, guys. This is backfiring. I've got to be honest," Corden said. "I really saw this going a different way."

In the episode, Corden also asked Pine to do his "mean" Christopher Walken impression.

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