Big Sean Likes to Meditate, and Other Things We Learned About the Rapper From His Coveteur Home Tour

It's a dark sky paradise indeed

By Seija Rankin Mar 24, 2015 7:15 PMTags
Big SeanCourtesy The Coveteur

As it turns out, Big Sean is a very multi-faceted man.

The rapper (and Kanye West protégé) was featured on the most recent edition of The Coveteur, in which celebs let the website into their homes to pick through their closets and their brains. And we certainly learned a lot about Big Sean. Ariana Grande's main man showed off all of his most prized possessions, like bright gold winged sneakers, personalized Louis Vuitton trunks, a talking Master P doll, and a very extensive collection of headphones. 

But it was the personal info Big Sean divulged that was the most interesting. The public knows a decent amount about the rapper, like how he started rapping in his hometown of Detroit, or that he really, really, really likes Ariana Grande. But until now, we did not know what kind of soap he liked to use. And we're better people with that knowledge.

1. He has a Pac-Man machine in his house.

2. He has a Big Sean-themed slot machine in his house

3. His first major purchase was a new home for his mom, brother, and grandmother. "I had to get them outta the hood in Detroit. It was just getting too ridiculous. That was one of my biggest accomplishments. I mean, it's not like a super big mansion or anything but at least it's paid for, it's a super nice house in a gated community."

4. He meditates before he records songs. "I close my eyes, I concentrate on my breathing. I visualize myself getting to feel the light and connecting to a higher power. I take 10-15 minutes, then I go down there and start vibe-ing out."

5. He's working on a collaboration with Adidas, just like Kanye West. "It's a great partnership, they're great people. I really want to elevate it from everything I've done; take it to another level. So we're working on that, but it's still a brainstorming process."

6. Actually, he gave Kanye the idea for the Adidas collaboration, so you can thank Big Sean for your Yeezy Boosts. "I came to him with Adidas way before he was even thinking about it. I was designing with them first and I was like, ‘Adidas is the shit' and he was like, 'Yeah?' and then eventually he came over."

7. He's very particular about healthy eating. "I gotta make sure I take all of my vitamins, supplements, all that. From the fish oil to the Vitamin C. I cook very simple things. Vegetables…things gotta be sautéed right, seasoned right, that's just really the key to anything."

8. He uses mint face wash, but his cologne brand is a secret. "I like Dr. Bronner's soap. Yeah, the mint soap. I be using that. I wear cologne, but you gotta see me in person. I don't like telling people my cologne, it's a secret, you know what I'm saying!?"

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