Another day, another Florence + the Machine video! 

Ahead of the June release of How Big How Blue How Beautiful, the group's first album since 2011, the video for "St Jude" is out. And, we have to warn you, it is dark.

According to a press release from the video's director Vincent Haycock, the video depicts frontwoman Florence Welch acting out Dante's Divine Comedy—and "the first layer of Hell." See? Dark. 

In a wooded scene we can only describe as True Detective-esque, viewers see Florence trudging along past burned out buildings and graveyards, as well as being carried by a mystery man as she sings lyrics like "And I'm learning, so I'm leaving/ And even though I'm grieving/ I'm trying to find the meaning/ Let loss reveal it/ Let loss reveal it."

The song seems to follow the raw emotions of the album's lead track "What Kind of Man," and the video seems to continue that song's narrative as well. Welch has said of How Big How Blue How Beautiful that the album "became about trying to learn how live, and how to love in the world rather than trying to escape from it."

Of course, we can promise you that the song isn't all downs. Thanks to Florence's signature vocals it's still a blast to listen to.

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