Robert Herjavec Confirms DWTS Relationship, But Not With Kym Johnson?!

Find out who's been coming to Robert with Shark Tank ideas and what's the deal with all the kissing

By Chris Harnick Mar 24, 2015 2:41 PMTags
Watch: How Much Is Robert Herjavec Investing in Kym Johnson?

The dancers might be wowing the Dancing With the Stars judges, but they're not exactly knocking Shark Tank's Robert Herjavec off his feet.

The TV star, who is also competing in season 20 of DWTS, revealed he's gotten a bevy of pitches from his fellow dancers, but not one from partner Kym Johnson.

"Every other dancer has pitched me," he told E! News' Ali Fedotowsky. So, who's had good ones and who's had terrible ones?

"There are no good ones," Robert said with a laugh. "But they're great dancers!" His Shark Tank pals will be there supporting him, but staggered, so the dancers may have a few more chances to pitch their ideas as long as Robert's in the competition. The dancing duo admitted they wished for better scores, but thought the judges made valid points. "I need a lot of work," Robert said, admitting he has little to no dance experience. "Even what we did tonight was really hard for me, that's a big stretch."

ABC/Craig Sjodin

As for the much-discussed relationship between himself and Kym, Robert had this to say: "I've learned to dance on this show! Tap dance!" But he did admit to a relationship: "I am dating Bruno [Tonioli]. I will admit it, I never realized he was that good looking in real life...He has a Ferrari, you know!"

"That's the common interest, isn't it? Ferraris?" Kym asked.

Robert did admit that his lips have touched Kym's…and almost everybody else!

Click play on the video above to find out whom he's been kissing.

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