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Oh, Ludacris

The rapper-actor and now newlywed (real name Christopher Bridges) spoke to Elle magazine for their April issue about practically anything you can think of—his surprise wedding to girlfriend Eudoxie Mbouguiyenegue, women, music, strip clubs, movies and even his, um, penis.

Luda, who got his start by interning at an Atlanta radio station under the name Chris Lova Lova, has previously said that he used to make music specifically for strip clubs. And if you're wondering what kind of music that is, he explains.

"The best way for me to describe it is it has a particular bounce to it. In Atlanta, we have some of the best strip clubs in the world. They have these poles, and they go all the way to the ceiling. It's almost like a damn Cirque du Soleil show. A lot of women go. They're not so ashamed," he tells the mag.

As for his favorite track? "It's called 'P---y Poppin." Oh!

But there are many sides to Ludacris, including the side that enjoys a chick flick from time to time. The rapper revealed during his interview that one of his favorite movies is—wait for it—The Devil Wears Prada! While we can't argue that Meryl Streep's iciness and Anne Hathaway's transformation was amazing, Luda says that the film's message is what makes it one of the greatest.

"It's about leadership and focus. That's one of my favorite movies of all time, honestly. Period."

Then there's the Ludacris who has had his fair share of fun with the ladies, and when it comes to the women in his life, the celeb confesses that there's one thing they could definitely all agree on when it comes to him (and it's naughty).

"They would say a factual thing. They would all attest to one thing. And that would be the anatomy," he laughs, and then reveals a fun fact. "I call it The Truth. 'Cause you can't handle The Truth!"

 LOL! And, of course, there's married Ludacris.

"Life is all about timing, to be honest with you," he says when asked why he chose to settle down. "I don't doubt any plans that the Man Upstairs has for me. And I listen closely to Him guiding me to where I need to be."

To read more from Ludacris' fun Q&A, pick up the April issue of Elle on newsstands nationwide.

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