Eva Mendes

Angela Weiss/Getty Images for New York & Company

Eva Mendes caught a ton of flak for calling out sweatpants as the No. 1 cause of divorce in America—which she claimed to be joking about—and it looks like the new mama really doesn't favor loungewear when she's hanging out at home.

Ryan Gosling's leading lady gushed about her latest collection with New York & Company and what you'd catch her wearing behind closed doors.

"It's not unrealistic to see me in an outfit like this at home [points to her skirt], just without the belt and the shoes. I'd wear this with a loose tee or a tank top," she told Who What Wear before sharing her true feelings on all things denim.

"I love a soft pant, so I make sure they're included in every collection. But if you see me in jeans it's probably because all my skirts are at the dry cleaners or just dirty. I mean, I think jeans are really uncomfortable actually—aren't they? They're so restrictive! I always prefer a boyfriend jean, but I find those to be restrictive, too!"

And even though Mendes favors put-together looks that are "super feminine," she admits she doesn't like "the getting ready process."

"I feel like I've always been kind of rushed—I'm the girl who gets ready really, really quickly. It's not something I'm incredibly proud of! I wish I was really calm and poised and—for lack of a better word—Zen, but I'm not!"

The brunette beauty also revealed that she wore one very special item from her clothing line all throughout her pregnancy with baby Esmeralda.

"One style that's really incredible is the Maria dress—we even put it in our bridal party collection. The cut is super flattering, it really works on all body types. I actually wore it throughout my pregnancy, I'm being 100 percent honest! The sizes got bigger and bigger but it just has such an amazing fit."

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