Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna Talk About Guest Starring on The Big Bang Theory—Watch Now!

Find out what the Home co-stars think about popping up on CBS' geekfest series

By Marc Malkin Mar 24, 2015 2:00 AMTags
Watch: Who J.Lo and Rihanna Will Play on "Big Bang Theory"

Jim Parsons would love his Home co-stars Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna to guest star on The Big Bang Theory.

"Oh, my God," Parsons said at yesterday's Home premiere. "Could you imagine?"

We certainly can. And so can Parsons.

He suggested that Rihanna play "a nuclear physicist."

"She could do it," Parsons gushed. "She could do it. Would she be willing? That's the question."

We're happy to report RiRi would jump at the chance to find her inner geek.

"Hell, yeah!" she said when I told her about Parsons' suggestion. "He told you that? Tell him I'm in."

As for Lopez, Parsons wants to see her in a classroom.

"Wouldn't JLo make a wonderful professor?" he asked. "You know what I mean? Now, that's perfect casting. That's a way to shake up an image."

Lopez is up for it.

"A sexy professor? That would be great," she said. "I love wearing glasses…Why not? I can do anything. I can be anything."

We've already seen her bookish side. In this year's The Boy Next Door, Lopez played a bespectacled high school English teacher.

Let's just hope the Big Bang boys don't get obsessed with Prof. JLo.

The list of guests stars on the hit CBS comedy already includes Sara Gilbert, Christine Baranski, Stan Lee, the late Leonard Nimoy, George Takei and even Stephen Hawking.

Meanwhile, Parsons repeated his recent mantra that Rihanna smells, well, real good. "She smells like heaven," he said. "I was not expecting someone to smell that good on a daily basis to the point where I'd walk in a room after she's been there and I'd be like, 'She was just here. I smell it.'"

Home will be in theaters on March 27.