It's Monday, which means almost everyone is in a terrible mood because the weekend is over, a new work week has begun and perhaps that co-worker you loathe has decided to regale you with their extremely detailed story about their commute into work before you've even had a sip of coffee.

In short: You probably need a little Monday pick-me-up. And we've got just the thing.

Asia Ford placed third to last in Louisville's 10K Rodes City Run over the weekend, but her time when crossing the finish line isn't important; it's the fact that she finished the race at all.

Asia told WHAS-TV that she has struggled with her weight for years and at one point was at 475 pounds. It was only when her husband at the time lost a limb to diabetes that she started working out, and the 10K was one of her big goals on her journey to a healthier life. And it was during that race that she realized she doesn't have to go at this alone.

This photo of an officer giving Asia a helping hand has gone viral since Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer posted it on Facebook. She explained what happened during the race on her Facebook page:

I messed up and forgot to eat this morning, Lungs still under construction from the pneumonia and on top of all this at mile 4 my son Tj took my hand and ems stopped because I almost had a slip up with my breathing but a police officer by the name of Mr Gregory got out and took my hand to finish the race with my baby and I and WE MADE IT!!! This 6.2 miles meant more to me than any race ever so my message today is, You don't have to be 1st, AS LONG AS U DON'T GIVE UP AND U FINISH…YOU ARE A WINNER!

The office who helped Asia finish the race is Lt. Aubrey Gregory, who said that he noticed Asia struggling to breathe around the four-mile mark, so he went over to check on her and get her medical help. But Asia told him "no" and kept walking, and when Gregory saw her struggling a few moments later, he approached her again.

"As soon as I walked up to her, she immediately grabbed my hand," Gregory told USA Today. When she once again told him that she wasn't stopping, he said: "Good, then we're going to do this together." And that's exactly what they did.

"To see Asia accomplish what she did…that joy spreads out and you end up getting that tingly goosebumps all over—that is what I felt when I watched her approach that finish line and I started to hear all the people cheer and yell for her and I watched her raise her arms in triumph," he said. "That was a very, very special moment that I will never forget."

Asia recently posted to her Facebook page to thank the outpouring of support she's been receiving from all over the country since the photo went viral.

Never in a million years do you wake up and think your change of life would inspire and change so many. I feel really blessed that God has used me to share how wonderful it feels to go for your dreams and NEVER give up your fight to victory( : I can't thank you all enough for all of the love, Inspiration and motivation that has been shown to my family and I.I thank God for you all and ask that you forgive me for not responding to messages, It's not intentionally just alot of messages and I'm greatful ( : May God continue to bless you all and have an AWESOME DAY!!!

Thank you, Asia, for the Monday morning boost! You're a true inspiration.

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