The Walking Dead's Wild Fist Fight: Has Rick Gone A Little Too Far?

Find out what went down on this week's episode of the AMC hit
By Lauren Piester Mar 23, 2015 2:27 AMTags
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While there were no horrific, brutal deaths (of living people) on tonight's episode of The Walking Dead, things were still incredibly tense in Alexandria.

After they lost Noah and Aiden last week, everyone was in mourning, and Deanna was trying to determine how seriously to take Father Gabriel's warning while Rick and Carol tried to decide how to deal with Pete.

Turns out, Deanna was fully aware of the fact that Pete has been hitting Jessie. The problem for her is that he's a talented surgeon who has saved many lives, and she doesn't want the community to lose him. Rick suggests separating him from Jessie permanently, and if that doesn't work, killing him.

Deanna basically says no way Jose to that suggestion, and while that does stop Rick from outright shooting Pete in the face, it does not stop him from engaging in an insane fist fight with the man. They threw each other through a window and ended up on the ground in the middle of Alexandria, covered in blood and pummeling each other as best they could. 

Finally, Deanna ran out into the street and told them to get up, which is when Rick pulled out a gun, waving it around like a lunatic, shouting things about how no one in Alexandria knows how the real world works, and they're all going to die because they don't know what they're doing, and yada yada yada until Michonne hits him on the head, knocking him out. 

Elsewhere in the episode, Sasha went a gallivanting to do some target practice with the walkers, many of whom had that mysterious M (or W) carved into their foreheads. Carl and his ladyfriend Enid also went wandering outside the walls and ended up getting cozy in a tree before very nearly kissing, and Daryl and Aaron found a lady walker tied to a tree with her insides destroyed, also with that W on her forehead.

Glenn and Nicholas (the annoying other dude who went on the run last week) told opposing stories about what happened with Noah and Aiden's deaths, and Glenn told Nicholas he would no longer be going on runs.

So, going into next week's finale, one big question is what will become of Rick. At this point, he's in a prime position to be kicked right out of town. Pete may have deserved a few punches and possibly more, but that was still not the smartest move, and neither was that rant. Would Deanna kick the whole group out, or would Rick be on his own? Is it possible that Michonne and the others would let Rick head out on his own, given how he's been behaving lately? Or will Deanna decide that it's better to just get rid of the whole lot and be done with it?

Plus, what is up with those W's?

Weigh in with your theories in the comments!

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