The Good Wife's Election Results Revealed With Halo, Doughnuts and Diane With Guns and Camo

Alicia Florrick's fate revealed! Does everything change—again? "Red Meat" recap

By Chris Harnick Mar 23, 2015 2:41 AMTags
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Alicia Florrick: Halo player, awkward car ride expert and…new State's Attorney.

That's right. Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) was victorious. Is The Good Wife ready for another seismic shift? "Red Meat" was a delightful episode for several reasons, a primary one was Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski). Yes, Queen Diane actually got a solid storyline all for herself and it was just wonderful. Plus headway with Kalinda's (Archie Panjabi) swan song.

"She's finally getting to vote for her favorite Florrick." Everything started with Alicia and Johnny (Steven Pasquale) in a car. Did they get it on? The tension was there and it was awkward. He popped out and Peter (Chris Noth) popped in, but not without shooting Johnny a death stare. To me, Alicia and Peter are at their best when they can't stand each other. There were some barbs and even more friction when Peter told the press that Alicia is a lock to win. By doing so, he basically told voters to stay home because she's already won. Oops. They had some more words again, and eventually Peter came through by giving an impromptu speech in a district that was very pro Frank Prady (David Hyde Pierce), snarling traffic.

To distract herself, Alicia ate doughnuts—Marissa (Sarah Steele) is such a welcome comedic addition—and played Halo with Finn (Matthew Goode). While shooting people and blowing things up, Finn revealed he's seeing someone, but it's only just started. Fear not! He was obviously kind of shocked by Alicia's dinner proposal and Alicia was more than a little letdown that he was off the market. But her disappointment was short-lived—she won the election! On the way to her victory party, she asked Frank to be her deputy. He wasn't into it. At the party, Johnny revealed he was thinking of staying despite his job in Los Angeles. This was while he was making googly eyes at Alicia from across the room. But when Peter swooped in, Johnny reversed his take and bounced out.

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"Don't you mock me, I'm holding a firearm." Diane's story started with her modeling her camouflage outfit, smiling and laughing while holding a gun. Appropriate response everybody had: OMG dead. Diane was on her hunting trip with Kurt (Gary Cole) and all his rich Republican friends. When she saw the opportunity to snare a new big fish client, she was foiled when she was left behind with all the women for a spa day. "This is sexist!" And when she overheard the women: "Oh dear god." Diane, never change. But at the spa she got some info on her targeted rich man…only it wasn't from his wife, it was his call girl. Oops. But she did bond with R.D. (Oliver Platt) and discussed abortion and women's rights while shooting deer. Diane shot a deer and was served it. "You don't understand," she said. "I liked it." Diane, the Democrat is living a Republican life and enjoying it. Turns out R.D. is incredibly rich and could be coming to Florrick, Agos and Lockhart.

This Diane story was refreshing. Christine Baranski is just such a pro, it was great to see her do something outside of the firm, something on her own where her comic and drama chops could clearly shine. If The Good Wife ends after season seven, there is definitely life in a Diane spinoff. Make it so.

Meanwhile, Kalinda continued her babysitting/bodyguard duties for Dylan. Lemond Bishop (Mike Colter) found out the car following Kalinda all this time wasn't after him, they were after Kalinda. It was Geneva Pine in the State's Attorney office. Uh oh. Remember that little crime she committed to get Cary (Matt Czuchry) off? Bishop wants Kalinda to be his go between with Alicia, something she outrightly refused…you know, for reasons. But now that Geneva is after her, she just might need Alicia. Bishop wants her help going straight and staying protected. The swan song continues.

Gasp count: 2.

Some other things:

"Someone's talking in my head." - Alicia playing Halo. Hilarious.

"Oh my god, sugar in my brain." - Alicia eating doughnuts.

"Take care of her." - Johnny when he left.

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