Another Rocky Song Choice for John McCain

"Eye of the Tiger" purveyor Survivor asks McCain-Palin campaign to quit using the Rocky III theme

By Natalie Finn Oct 15, 2008 1:40 AMTags
Rocky Balboa, John McCainMGM, AP Photo/Ron Edmonds

John McCain's stereo is running on empty.

While Barack Obama's campaign seems to be overflowing with contemporary musical contributions, yet another group of rockers wants the Republican presidential candidate to quit using their song without permission. Or at all.

A member of the band Survivor has requested that the McCain-Palin campaign stop playing their signature Rocky III anthem "Eye of the Tiger" for any election-related purposes.

“Survivor has no affiliation with John McCain or Sarah Palin," guitarist Frank Sullivan said in a statement obtained by E! News.

"They have no right to use ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ in any way as part of their campaign. Using our music without our permission can give people the impression that we are supporters of their campaign—this is not the case. In light of this happening before, we would hope that the McCain/Palin camp would go through the proper channels in asking for permission for use of the song. Obviously once again they have chosen to disrespect artists’ rights.”

Similar sentiments have been expressed by the ladies of Heart, who objected to Palin's use of the 1977 tune "Barracuda" after her acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention; John Mellencamp, who said "no way" when the McCain campaign started playing "Pink Houses" and "Our Country" at events; and Jackson Browne, who has actually filed suit against McCain and the Republican National Committee for the use of "Running on Empty" in an ad that aired in Ohio.

So, assuming that the McCain-Palin campaign plans to get permission before adopting a new feel-good tune for the GOP hopefuls, what do you think would make a good addition to their repertoire?