The Divergent Series: Insurgent, Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Miles Teller

Andrew Cooper/Lionsgate

Miles Teller has been working…a lot.

Not only did he spend the last year promoting the Oscar-winning Whiplash, but he also seemed to have filmed Insurgent, Fantastic Four and Bleed for This at around the same time.

But he tries his best to take a some time off now and then. "You find weeks," Teller tells me. "You find like a week or two when you can kind of [take a] break. It's like in between this movie I'm doing now and the next one—it's like four or five days."

But he doesn't want to take too many breathers. "I don't' want to take a vacation because then I'll read about some other actor who just, you know, is now going to work with this director I've always wanted to work with," Teller explained. "You got to keep other people from doing the stuff you want, too."

Miles Teller, Ripped


He knows he's "burnt out [when] I'll get on set and I'm really not that excited."

That wasn't the case with Insurgent. "This one's great because I get to work with [Shailene Woodley], who's such a great person and a good friend of mine," Teller said. "And the producers and the director and everybody, there's such a familiarity there. That kind of makes it nice."

Teller recently revealed his newly worked-out body for his starring role as real-life boxer Vinny Paz in Bleed for This. He showed shirtless before and after pics (major six-pack alert!) during an appearance earleir this week on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

"When I started training I was like 188 and like 18 percent body fat," Teller told me. "I got down to 168 and 6 percent."

That was for his first fight in the movie, but in the film, Paz actually goes up three weight classes. "For the last fight I was at 183," Teller said. "So I gained 15 pounds in like two and a half weeks."

Insurgent is in theaters now.

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