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Just another reason to love Will Forte!

Not only is he starring in our favorite new comedy of the year, The Last Man on Earth, airing this Sunday on Fox (watch it!), but he is a strong man who loves The Bachelor and isn't afraid to admit it.

"I was riveted by this season with Chris Soules]," he tells me. "Riveted! It sounds like I'm joking but I'm not. I love that show with all my heart. It really is a fun show to watch."

ABC pulled the rather shocking move of picking not one but two Bachelorettes for next season—Katilyn and Britt—and though the move didn't sit well with some in Bachelor Nation [Ahem, Sean Lowe], Will says he actually really likes both of the girls….Despite the questions about Britt's sincerity. 

"I had been working so hard on Last Man on Earth that I missed the episode where Britt was kicked out," Forte admits, "but I understand it had something to do with her talking about Arlington in a bad way and then doing a switcharound with Chris. I saw her explanation on The Women Tell All and I gotta say I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt! I always liked her on the show. It's a competition so you make one false move and put your foot in your mouth a little bit and obviously people are gonna use it against you. But I really like Britt."

So does that mean he's Team Britt? "I'm Team Either!" he insists. "I really like Kaitlyn, too. They both seem like pretty cool, cool people."

We know what you're thinking, ‘cause we were thinking it too…Does this mean Will Forte wants to be a contestant on The Bachelorette? Can you imagine how glorious, especially if he brought his magnificent Last Man beard and went incognito?

"I wish I had time to do that!" Will laughs. "It would be so much fun. I would be the worst, though. I am such a weirdo, especially in that kind of scenario, that it's really for the best."

Besides, the beard is gone now , RIP beard. (Sidenote: the weirdest thing he ever got stuck in it was a Chinese crispy noodle, four inches long, for four hours, and can neauseate you any time you want with stories of the beard's smell).

But guess which other reality show Will Forte and his friend Val Kilmer are dying to do?!

"Val Kilmer stayed with me for a teeny bit of time," Will explains. "He was primarily living in New Mexico but looking for a place out here. And during that time, I introduced him to The Amazing Race, and we both had an idea that we were thinking very seriously about trying to see about going on The Amazing Race together. We even asked our agents. And they said that they didn't want us to, and were very stern about it. But oh my gosh, it would have been so much fun. What an experience to have."

Thanks for killing everyone's dream, agents! But, you know, well done on the whole Last Man thing. It truly is so original and well done.

Last Man on Earth, January Jones


This week, Phil (Will Forte) is torn between two lovers (not really): Carol (Kristen Schaal) and Melissa (January Jones). And Will teases: "Just when you think you're rooting for somebody your rooting allegiances are questioned and start to change. It's a lot of shifting!"

The Last Man on Earth airs this Sunday on Fox, with a full hour! Get. In. On. It.

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