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Man, Lena Dunham really did a number on her Scandal episode last night. Unfortunately, she kind of accidentally ruined the plot for everyone not on the East Coast.

Fans had been looking forward to the Girls actress' guest spot on the show ever since the first picture from the set dropped—and not just because they wanted to know what was up with that wig. And last night the big moment finally came. Dunham's character was a woman, aptly named Kinky Sue, who wrote a tell-all book about her sexual liasons with many of Washington's most powerful politicians. (Now, this is where you stop reading if you haven't seen the episode because spoiler alert).

Sue's tell-all was bound to stir up drama and cause a whole lot of problems, so at the end of the episode Huck decides to take things into his own hands (literally) by slitting her throat. For those watching on the East Coast, this was a major holy s--t moment. For those watching anywhere else, well, that surprise ending was ruined because Lena decided to get trigger-happy with the Instagramming.

Gettin rigged up to die #Scandal

A photo posted by Lena Dunham (@lenadunham) on

Sue of the Dead #Scandal

A photo posted by Lena Dunham (@lenadunham) on

Now, this is a problem that we West Coasters deal with on the regular; we've long been trained to stay off Twitter on the night of any big episodes. But until last night, Instagram was always a safe space. We pull up our feed to feast our eyes on food porn and vacation pics, not to have an entire episode of TV ruined. As you can imagine, people weren't too happy with Lena's little blunder, and they let it all out in the comments.

"I'm glad I watched live because @lenadunham just spoiled the entire ep" - @jonathanburwellnyc

"I guess I know what happens this episode now...your West Coast fans have another 3 hours (wah wah)" - @smfj13

"UH SPOILER ALERT" - @tehlorkay

"LOL! Does Sondra [sic] know about this spoiler that you're sharing on social media?????" - @only1dabrazillian

"F--k!!! Seriously Lena?! WEST COAST hasn't aired you jerk" - @gooddaysunshiiine

"Welp. Thanks for spoiling for everyone." - @lomillz12

"It's not irritating AT ALL that she ruined the episode posting these pictures..." - @_summergabrielle_

"Hello spoiler alert, it didn't air on the west coast yet!" - @melissayoyo39

"HASHTAG SPOILER ALERT" - @junefireflies

"I haven't seen it yet! Couldn't you have waited to post this tomorrow???" - @mavalicious22

"Unfollow. Former west coast fan." - @mazyahiers

"F--kin spoilers Lena, Jesus." - @tarynmarisa

Even Jaime King (yes, that Jaime King) got in on the action, writing "Damn! Lena!!!!!! You just ruined it for us west coast peeps!!!!!"

Some fans jumped to Dunham's defense, arguing that since she only played a guest star, the spoiler wasn't actually that big of a deal. But we're going to have to side with the pissed off peeps—as fellow West Coasters, we felt bummed in a big way last night.

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