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Katy Perry is not expecting, everyone.

After posting a curious picture on Instagram that showed the pop star wearing a necklace with the word "mom" on it, many thought the "Firework" singer was subtly suggesting that she was pregnant. But the Super Bowl halftime performer cleared the air during an interview with On Air With Ryan Seacrest Friday. While she might not be pregnant, she is still a mom!

"I am a mother to all of the Katy Cats," she said, putting the pregnancy rumors to rest. "They call me mom. It's like an Internet thing."

Informing Ryan Seacrest that he obviously isn't up to date with hip social media lingo, Katy joked, "You're really kind of aging yourself, Ryan."

Getting back on point, Katy insisted that she isn't pregnant and even went so far as to explain that there is no time to even try!

"Listen, I'm on tour and I've done 127 tour dates so far. It wouldn't be appropriate at this point right now, but I am the mother to all the Katy Cats and that's what I posted on Instagram."

She even captioned the pic, "@katycats," to avoid any confusion. But that didn't stop the Internet from exploding.

Hearing all about her busy schedule on the Prismatic World Tour, Ryan teased her, saying, "So you're saying there isn't a lot of time to procreate?"

The 30-year-old dished that while she's having a blast on her world tour, it can often times become exhausting traveling and performing.

"The Prismatic World Tour is crazy and it's not a joke," she said. "I'm very tired, obviously, but still standing, still kicking, [and] I feel about 56 [-years-old] right now."

Katy Perry

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But while she's on the road performing, the "This Is How We Do" singer confessed that fans shouldn't expect new music (other than from her album Prismatic) because she doesn't work while touring.

"I never work on the road," she said. "I kind of separate the two because I just feel like it's just such a hard task to go on tour all over the world and then to have the days off in a recording studio—I'm just already so tired. I want to sound good, I want to be writing great songs, and I need to experience life so that I actually have something to write about."

She continued, "So, I like to kind of experience in between and I'm taking notes along the way. I'm taking a lot of notes. I think it would be cool and pretty chill if I took a couple months off. I don't think anybody is going to say I don't deserve that."

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