2015's TV's Top Couple Tournament: We Have a Winner...and an Instant Reaction!

By Tierney Bricker Mar 20, 2015 9:20 PMTags
Vampire Diaries, Once Upon a TimeCW, ABC

Talk about epic timing!

After millions (yes, millions!) of votes and six rounds of intense competition, we finally have a winner in 2015's TV's Top Couple Tournament!

The Vampire Diaries' Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Caroline (Candice Accola) and Once Upon a Time's Captain Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) were the final two couples left standing to duke it out on the battlefield of love this year, and while we seriously love both pairings, only one could be crowned the winner.

So break out the crowns and sashes 'cause we're about to reveal 2015's Top TV Couple...


The Vampire Diaries' Stefan and Caroline!

Sorry, Damon and Elena, it looks like there's a new power-couple in Mystic Falls. (Of course, we think Delena, who won our Best TV Couple of All Time tournament, will be juuust fine!)

And what perfect timing for Steroline's win, considering the hot vampire couple just had sex for the first time in last night's episode. It still counts when the humanity switches are off, right?!

The CW

"From the moment Stefan helped Caroline through her vampire transition in the second episode of season two, a seed was planted in our minds," executive producer Julie Plec says of the pairing's big win. "We spent four years delicately caring for it, hoping to slowly earn our way to where we are now. Now we get to have the fun of seeing where it takes us next.  We love the passion from the fans, always, whether they support this pairing or not. Thanks for voting." 

And executive producer Caroline Dries adds, "I love that our fans can appreciate our desire not to rush relationships, and Stefan and Caroline's 'coupling' is one of those cases. You may think you know where we're going but we have some surprises up our sleeve."

Check back with us next week for (hopefully)  more reactions on Steroline's major win! We have of course reached out to the power couple themselves, but didn't want to keep you all waiting on the winners announcement any longer!