Grab your tissues because it's about to get emotional.

Actors should be able to convey any emotion at the drop of a hat, so Jimmy Fallon wanted to test Ben Stiller's abilities while interviewing him on The Tonight Show Thursday. Participating in an "emotional interview," Stiller and Fallon had to continue their conversation as per usual, but every time a bell dinged, they'd have to talk in the scenario provided.

But these weren't your average emotions. Forget happy, angry, sad, etc. and start thinking "a little too nosy," "overly polite" and "jealous of each other" LOL. Obviously both successful stars, Fallon and Stiller jumped right in when the time came to act jealous.

While talking about Stiller's latest movie and his success, Fallon passive-aggresively noted, "That's good for you. That's really exciting." The tension was too real.

But when it came time for Stiller to believe Fallon is a spy, things took a turn for the serious because Fallon instantly put on a Russian accent. "It seems to come very easily to you that accent," Stiller said accusatorily.

Ben Stiller, Jimmy Fallon, Tonight Show

Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

But it's really tough not to laugh thinking about Stiller in Meet the Parents accusing Robert DeNiro of still being part of the CIA. Maybe he's just always suspicious of other Americans! But, of course, the bell rang again and the hilarious duo was back to not only making the viewers laugh but also making each other laugh!

Everyone has that friend that's "a little too nosy," and Stiller and Fallon hit the nail right on the head. Stiller really took it to the next level when he asked the host, "Are you regular?"

But it all came to a head when both A-listers were told to act like they have extreme sexual tension, and it got strange to say the least!

Fallon told Stiller he had a "sweet little button nose" and then they both proceeded to get very touchy feely LOL.

Watch the video above to see both stars get insanely emotional!

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