The Royals, Look For Less

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On Sunday's all-new episode of The Royals, Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) looked proud as a peacock at the garden party that she and King Simon (Vincent Regan) threw at the palace.

At these fancy palace parties, it's all about dressing to impress. You never know who you're going to run into, whether it be a member of Parliament or a former lover...

Turn heads in your own regal bird-inspired outfit with a form-fitting lace dress ($78.99), a satin clutch ($27) and a fancy peacock headband ($15.29)!

The Royals, Look For Less

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Ophelia (Merritt Patterson) certainly looked like a pretty princess at the garden party in her adorable outfit. Although it's going to take a lot more to impress the Queen of England than a fancy hat...

Show off your garden party-worthy style in a feminine Floral Eyelet Dress from Forever 21 ($32.90), ankle strap heels from Charlotte Russe ($32.99) and an elegant 3-tier brim floral hat ($81.99)!

The Royals, Look For Less

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Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) was her usual bad self getting into trouble and she just looks so damn good doing it. First she was hitting on that hot Olympic swimmer before trying to get risky with her devious bodyguard and she owes it all to that hot party dress she was wearing.

Get into some trouble of your own with the After Party Vintage Rebecca Dress from Nasty Gal ($88) and these sexy Madden Girl Gamer Combat Boots ($40)!

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