Jussie Smollett, Empire

Chuck Hodes/FOX

Until last night, Empire was a show that could do no wrong.

Not only did audiences love its over-the-top drama, but they turned out in droves to watch each week's episode. And we do mean droves: Every week seemed to break a new viewership record, with the finale pulling in over 17 million viewers.

The two-hour episode was action-packed if nothing else, and it seemed to give fans exactly what they were looking for: Twists, turns and more drama than a Real Housewives reunion. But it didn't satisfy everybody.

Without giving any spoilers, we'll just say that the finale was certainly...ambitious. Empire's writers knew that the public had huge expectations, and they seemed desperate to deliver—almost too desperate. In fact, they probably could have cut out half of the plot twists and still written an amazing episode.

We watch the show for an escape from the mundane and obviously we're looking for that OMG moment, but did we really need 50 OMG moments? That's up for debate.

While a lot of people were PSYCHED about what went down last night (again, we're keeping mum on specifics for you slow pokes who still haven't watched), there was a small group of fans who shared our slight disappointment. These brave souls dared to speak their truth to the world—they love Empire as much as everybody else, but they were disappointed at the (slightly) jumbled mess that was the finale.

They deserve more (or, really, much much less), and they're not afraid who knows it.

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