We have a feeling we're really going to enjoy this season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

One of our favorite moments from this week's brand new episode is the very beginning when Scott Disick and Kylie Jenner are talking about Kris Jenner and her dating life. The two come to the conclusion that the post logical decision is for Scott to date Kris. 

KUWTK 1002 Recap

Kim Kardashian visits the headquarters of her game in San Francisco and discusses potential updates they can add. 

Back in Calabasas, Scott gives Kendall the low down on how Kylie takes 40 minutes to prepare her lips for the day. The three then scheme to get the scoop on their mom's dating life, so they secretly go through her phone!

But then Kris walks in and catches them and she is anything but enthused as they question who "Corey" is!

KUWTK 1002 Recap

Meanwhile Kim, Kourtney Kardashian and Khloé Kardashian have a meeting for their child clothing line and Kim carefully asks them if they'll be characters in her game.

Khloé is happy to do it, but Kourtney isn't so sure. 

KUWTK 1002 Recap

In typical Kardashian fashion, Scott continues to fill everyone in on what they saw in Kris's cell phone!

Kim of course knows who Corey Gamble is and explains he works with Justin Bieber! Then they search him online and learn that he's 33, yes, that's younger than two of Kris's own children. Awkward.

KUWTK 1002 Recap

When Khloé catches Kris laughing at her phone, she questions her about whether or not she's dating anyone, but she insists they are simply "hanging out."

KUWTK 1002 Recap

Next we see Scott, Khloé and Malika traveling to Canada for their Halloween appearance! Turns out, Brody Jenner is working the event too...sounds like trouble! Khloé dresses like a cat and Scott dresses like a Saudi prince. Naturally. 

KUWTK 1002 Recap

Once they arrive at the event, Brody pressures Scott to drink. Like hello Brody, he's trying to be sober! 

They enter the venue and fans are going completely insane! Some are crying, most are screaming and one even jumps on stage and chases Khloé down! 

Once back home, Khloé and Kourtney discuss whether or not they are going to sign papers for Kim's game and Kourtney is adamant that she will not.

Khloé then attends an event in which Ken Baker asks her about a tweet Kim sent out saying how much she loves Khloé and French Montana together. 

She insists they are still friends, but they're not dating. Ken then breaks the news that he just confirmed Kris is dating Corey! But Khloé isn't so sure...

She then heads back to her room and questions Kris about she didn't tell her, and Kris insists she never spoke a word about it to Ken! Uh-oh! 

KUWTK 1002 Recap

Kim soon finds out that Kourtney refuses to be in her video game and she goes over to Khloé's house to discuss it all with her sisters. Kim is livid and goes on and on about how much she's done for Kourtney including "buying her f--king career." 

Kim explains the game is supposed to mirror her real life and doesn't understand why Kourtney won't do a favor for her. But Kourtney insists she never came to her asking about the game as a favor. 

Scott, Khloé and Kim then discuss the latest dating drama with Kris. 

Kim confesses she can hear her mom and Corey having sex at night! TMI, Kim!

Then Kris informs Kim that Kourtney has sent a cease and desist order regarding her game! 

They decide to call her up and talk it over, but it just ends up with Kim hanging up on her. 

But, Kim ends up heading over to her house and apologizes for assuming Kourtney would want to be in it. And they kiss and makeup! 

The group heads to Vegas for Kim's birthday party, and Kris brings Corey as her date! 

KUWTK 1002 Recap

She also admits the two are going to Lance Bass and Michael Turchin's wedding together. Looks like this is a little more serious than she's leading it on to be.

KUWTK 1002 Recap

Everyone admits that they just want Kris to be happy and it's clear in this episode that she is!

Tune-in to a brand new episode of Keeping Up with The Kardashians next Sunday at 9/8c on E!

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