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It has been three months since Hayden Panettiere gave birth to daughter Kaya, and while the new mom has decided to fly the coop, she's definitely nervous about it!

The Nashville actress tweeted a selfie and wrote, "Momma's first solo trip." She included two nerve-wracking emojis to show that she might not have been ready to leave her daughter and fiancé, Wladimir Klitschko, just yet. Even though it has been only 12 short weeks since Panettiere gave birth, we have to say she looks absolutely flawless in her minimal makeup selfie.

Dressed in a casual white button down with anchors printed on it, Panettiere appears effortlessly chic while hanging out in her airplane seat. With the sun shining through the window, she literally and figuratively is glowing! Her skin doesn't look to have any blemishes either, making her actually #flawless.

Hayden Panettiere


Panettiere welcomed Kaya with the heavyweight-boxing champion on Dec. 9, 2014, but with both of their busy schedules and a newborn, they still haven't found time to turn their engagement into a marriage. But they don't mind because they already have something tying them together to life: Kaya.

"When people get married there are different things they promise to each other, and I understand the promising part, but I think [having] children is something that connects you until the end of your days no matter what," Klitschko told Us Weekly. "And I think that, Kaya, our daughter, has connected us forever. And that's the most amazing thing. Everything else is coming, it's something that needs to be planned…but as I said, the connection with the child is better than any marriage!"

He has a big fight coming up on Apr. 25, so maybe after that they can finally tie the knot! If she looks this good on a flight, we can only imagine how gorgeous she'll be on her wedding day.

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