Selma Blair Opens Up About ''Amazing'' Pregnancy, Being a Single Mom and Feeling No Shame for How Attached She Is to Son Arthur

"Like there's something shameful in saying, 'My kid is my life these days,'" the Anger Management star told The Glow

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Being a mom has given Selma Blair hope for the whole world.

"It blows my mind to think about how intense the bond is that women have with their children, especially in the first few years of life. And it just blows my mind that everyone who has children feels this way, too," the Anger Management star told The Glow in a recent interview. "If the world is capable of this much love, and patience, and understanding, I just can't imagine what we're all capable of together."

Of course, even her pregnancy—she gave birth to son Arthur in July 2011—started off on a high note.

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"I was so blissed-out when I was pregnant," Blair raved. "I had an amazing pregnancy—the hormones felt great, I was really active, I didn't need a lot of sleep, I never had morning sickness after the first month. I was just a totally different person."

She even stopped wearing black, her go-to non-color, saying she's "just too happy now." But while she considers herself perfectly fashion-forward, most of what she wears needs to be "breast-accessible." (Which makes sense, considering the breastfeeding-in-public pics that surfaced back in the day.)

"When I first had Arthur, I knew it was going to be tough, and I'm not young so I looked pretty rough for a while, until I got the hang of figuring out a sleep pattern," the gorgeous (and humble) 42-year-old said. "And I just thought, well, that's the way it goes. I'm a mom now."

The actress also acknowledged that being a single mother (she tells The Glow that she and Arthur's dad, Jason Bleick, do take family trips together) hasn't always been easy, yet alone blissful 24/7: "It takes a village, and it's really hard to be the village on your own. But it's still amazingly rewarding."

And her 4 1/2-year-old son could not be more photogenic. Blair shared a number of intimate family photos—and some of Arthur's artwork!—with The Glow, but she also keeps people in the loop via Instagram, sharing the cutest pics.

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"As a mom, there's almost a shame in feeling too attached, like there's something shameful in saying, 'My kid is my life these days,'" she said in her interview. "There's a time and a place, especially when they're this young. Let yourself enjoy it. I wish people talked about the love more."

"When I was pregnant, I had no idea how attached I'd be and that I'd want to be in every part of Arthur's waking and sleeping life...No one really stays up with a baby the way a mom does," Blair also said, noting that she fired the night nurse she hired before Arthur was born and went with just a doula on the baby's first night at home. "Dads will try, but for the most part I say moms are the ones to really do it. But I have so many friends who, god bless them, hired someone and they got sleep, and it worked for them. Whatever works for you, it just wasn't my path."

"I never thought I'd be one of those people who cherish every second," Blair also said. "I don't think any other miracle could have grounded me in this way—I appreciate every second I'm in his company."