William Moseley plays Prince Liam, the playboy son of Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) on The Royals, the exciting new series that is centered around the lives of a fictional, modern-day British monarchy.

But when he isn't dressed up in fancy suits and hanging out in palaces for his role, what does the down-to-earth star enjoy doing?

As it turns out, he's a busy guy who is constantly on the road and loves to travel and have a good time, in addition to filming other projects and just taking time to explore the world around him.

The Royals, Prince Liam

E! Entertainment

From road trips to Texas and hanging with professional cheerleaders to sipping on afternoon tea, we've pulled together some of William's hottest pics so you can keep track of The Royals star and all of his fun adventures.

Click on the pics below to see more of his latest pics and click HERE to watch the first full episode of The Royals for free!

Tune-in next Sunday for a brand new episode of The Royals at 10/9c on E! Follow The Royals on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates!

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