Miles Teller, Ripped


Hot tamale! Miles Teller, is that you? One minute you're the sad kid from Rabbit Hole and then we blink and the next thing we know you're as ripped as a trendy pair of jeans and posting shirtless selfies for the whole world to see. 

The actor debuted his new body on an episode of The Tonight Show this week, telling Jimmy Fallon that his role as championship boxer Vinny Pazienza required him to hit the gym—hard. He grew a moustache, dropped down to six percent body fat, and gained approximately 15 abs. If you were at all familiar with pre-six pack Miles Teller, your first view of his new shape was a definite WTF moment.

It turns out a lot of people had the same reaction to the star's dramatic transformation. Sure, Teller's always been hot in that bro-next-door kind of way, but this new Miles is not the Miles fans used to. In fact, many were so shocked that they literally did not know what to think. This is the guy who played lovable pudgy drunk Sutter in The Spectacular Now, for gosh sakes! And now he's pulling a Chris Pratt and jetting off to play superheroes and professional boxers? It's a lot to take in.

As confused and/or overexcited fans are wont to do, many took to Twitter to either express their strong emotions or transmit a plea to Miles directly. Some were nostalgic for the Miles Teller of yore, some were discovering a new love for the actor (or, the actor's physique), and some just wanted to say: $@#%!.

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