Hey, Internet. We want to play a game. But not in the creepy, morbid Saw franchise kind of way.

Above is a Vine of Iggy Azalea performing one of her rap songs, but that's pretty much where our knowledge of the situation ends. Watch the clip and try and figure out what in the hell she's saying.

Here is our expert analysis:

"Pitchfork something something joint gotta twist that beat Imma spray my joy pop pop pah pah pah *growling noise*"

Yeah, we know that's not at all accurate but usually when a rapper is spitting out lyrics lightning fast we can usually understand most of it. This just seems like nonsense. We understood "pitchfork," "joint" and "twist." That's it.

Rap music confuses us.

The Grammy-nominated artist is performing her song "D.R.U.G.S" in the Vine, and after some thorough research (read: Googling "Iggy pitchfork joint lyrics"), we discovered what she's supposed to be saying/singing/rapping in the video:

"Pitchfork point better pass me the joint
Gotta twist this beat I'ma sprang my joint
Straight crack rock, go to the pop-pop
Pumo jiggy rap city, no tiggy"

That's what's supposed to come out of her mouth, but the Vine just reminds us of this rapping goldfish:

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