Sen. Ted Cruz recently made an appearance in New Hampshire, which according to Seth Meyers, could only mean one of two things: Either the Texas senator will try to run for president or he was trying to buy cheap liquor from the state's stores.

"When you tell a politician you're from New Hampshire he gets really excited," Meyers, who hails from New Hampshire, observed.

Stopping by Late Night, Cruz discussed many hot-button topics with Meyers, including his visit to New Hampshire in which he accidentally terrified a 3-year-old into believing the whole world was literally on fire, which caused the media to dub Cruz "Freddy Kruger." But Meyers saw the metaphor a different way.

"First, I got excited because I thought maybe you were coming around on global warming," Meyers said. "Because I think the world's on fire, literally. Hottest year on record."

Citing satellite image data and New Hampshire's "snow and ice," Cruz argued the world hasn't warmed at all. But Meyers wasn't going to stop grilling the potential candidate. The comedian also went after him for his views on Obamacare and gay marriage.

The late-night talk show host brought up Cruz's epic filibuster to stop Obamacare, asking him, "How did it go?" Although the filibuster didn't prevent Obamacare from passing, Cruz said it went "fabulously" because of the health care program's "37 percent approval rating" and Harry Reid and the Democrats losing the Senate. He also believes the Democrats will lose come 2016.

Lastly, Meyers interrogated Cruz about gay marriage, a right that the Texas senator remains opposed to despite the host saying it almost seems "inevitable" that it will become law with 59 percent of Americans supporting it. Cruz framed his argument about same-sex marriage as a states' rights issue, per the Constitution, and didn't mention his religious beliefs.

"I read the Constitution this morning, and I don't know if you're right about all that stuff," Meyers joked.

Watch the clips above to see Seth Meyers and Ted Cruz go head to head!

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