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Jennifer Garner has had an emotional week!

The actress has been busy promoting her new film, Danny Collins, which also stars Al Pacino, but when she stopped by NBC's Today to discuss her latest project, she ended up putting on the water works.

Co-host Savannah Guthrie and Garner were discussing the movie's focus on family, which led the Today show star to bring up the Alias actress' latest spread in Southern Living magazine, which she shot with her sisters and mom. But just looking at the pictures, which of course bring her joy and happiness, made her cry!

"There's nothing like sharing the spotlight with your sisters and your mom," she explained to Guthrie while trying to hold back tears.

But she couldn't contain them for long! Garner finally let loose with her tears and dished to the talk show host, "It's always fun for me to get my sisters dolled up, and my mom."

After laughing about her unexpected, overwhelming emotions, Ben Affleck's wife joked, "The Today show is too tough for me!"

Thankfully they were able to change topics to something "boring," which somehow managed to throw in puppy Wrangler with tax day LOL.

It wasn't all tears all the time, however, as Garner was able to get some serious laughs in when she stopped by The Tonight Show Tuesday. Getting looped into playing "rock, paper, scissors, pie," Garner had the unfortunate mishap of losing to Jimmy Fallon, which meant she took a couple of pies to the face!

After the first pie, however, she couldn't see through her cream-covered goggles but Fallon reassured her he'd let her know the outcome of the next round.

"Just trust me I'll tell you if you won or lost," he joked.

As a mom of three, she took getting slammed with two pies with a smile on her face...probably because she's used to having messy children running around the house! She even found herself tasting the pies, discovering that they were yummy meringue. 

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