Let the record show: Wiz Khalifa is not a Taylor Swift fan. Or, rather, he hasn't really heard of any of her songs.

The rapper joined Jimmy Fallon, Miles Teller and Jim Parsons for a round of the game Catchphrase on last night's episode of The Tonight Show, and the result was a pretty hilarious series of mishaps. For starters, when Fallon goes in to give knucks to his partner Parsons, the Big Bang Theory actor has no idea how to do the handshake. Then Fallon takes ages to put the words "flip" and "phone" together. The team also struggles with the clue for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Running Man. (No, Jim Parsons, there's no such thing as Karate Turtles, and the dance is not called the Cabbage Patch.)

Miles and Wiz seem to fare a little better than their opponents, nailing almost every clue immediately. Until Miles picks up the clue "Shake It Off." As soon as he mentions that it's a Taylor Swift song, Wiz's face is overcome with a look of pure fear and bewilderment. Clearly, the man has never listened to Taylor Swift before in his life, and no amount of music video re-creation is going to change that. 

Finally, Miles decides to simply hint at the words "shake" and "off," instead of expecting Wiz to name the song of a pop star that he barely knows exists. Taylor, we really hope you weren't watching—but for the rest of us, it sure is a good laugh.

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