If Howie Mandel ever needs a few sheets of toilet paper, he can just walk outside!

Professional prankster Roman Atwood decided to target the Mandel household in an epic prank, putting all of your Mischief Night toilet paper-throwing to shame. He didn't just TP the occasional shrub or gutters...Roman and a crew trucked in about 4,000 rolls to cover the game show host's house, but in a video, however, he admits to using only 2,000.

Only 2,000.

Half-an-hour after they start the prank, Howie shows up, and by the looks of it, he is none too pleased, especially after the people he was traveling with started taking pictures of the toilet paper-covered home.

"You think this is funny? Oh my god," he says, clearly in disbelief. "How do you even get into a gated community?"

More importantly, he asks, "Who even spends that much on toilet paper?"

Howie Mandel, House


A valid question, Howie, but a professional prankster will stop at nothing to execute a perfect prank! When Roman finally reveals himself, the Deal or No Deal host starts to crack up because he realizes it was a family friend instead of a burglar or criminal of some kind. In a behind-the-scenes video, Roman confesses that he had "never" papered a house before this.

"To be honest, I wanted to do a very big toilet paper prank," he admits. "Being a friend of the Mandels, I was able to talk his son Alex into getting me in the [gated] community and he was also able to talk his mother [Howie's wife] into playing along."

But like Roman, Howie is always seizing the opportunity to prank people.

"He's also a legendary prankster, and it's always good to prank a prankster," Atwood adds.

Everyone called in a cleaning crew later to help remove the paper, so Howie wasn't left do to it by himself LOL. Watch the video above to see Howie Mandel's hilarious reaction upon seeing his house. 

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