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One sweet silver lining about Glee going off the air forever this Friday? Many of the actors are planning to stay close! Chord Overstreet is even offering up his babysitting services to mom-to-be Naya Rivera.

"I will offer to babysit," Overstreet tells me, "once it happens, because I love babies."

Turns out, "Trouty Mouth" as Glee fans will always know and love him, has plenty of  experience with little ones.

"I grew up with four sisters," the 26-year-old explains, "so I feel like I got a crash course in parenting! I was always babysitting all my younger siblings, so I know that [Naya] is in for a wild, fun, amazing time. It'll be exciting and interesting and I'm sure at times she's going to be begging for somebody to take the kids off her hands."

Rivera announced that she and hubby Ryan Dorsey have a baby on the way in late February with a cute little post on her website.

Overstreet and co-star Mark Salling both mentioned that Naya had been wanting a baby "for a while." "I had always known she wanted a baby and was looking forward to that," says Salling, "so I'm really happy for her, and I think she's going to be a great mom."

In Glee's series ender this Friday, the show will flash back to 2009 and give the fans some cool (and at times hilarious) backstory on how the New Directions got together. The first hour also ends with a touching nod to Cory Monteith/Finn. Then the show will flashforward and show fans where everyone is five years from now.

And though fans have had mixed emotions about the storyline this season with Sam and Rachel (Lea Michele), Overstreet said he was thrilled to get the chance to have a romantic storyline with Lea—and even wishes it had happened earlier. 

Chord Overstreet, Lea Michele, Glee

Beth Dubber/FOX

"I had heard that Lea was a good kisser, but she really turned it on on camera!" Chord told me with a laugh. "I always love working with Lea because she's such a pro and she's so good and she's been doing that character for six years. So when we would do scenes, it was just boom, boom, boom, quick, quick, quick and fun, you know? It was just a blast. She's always easy and the chemistry is always easy with her, and it was fun. It just was unfortunate that it was more towards the end of the series, because we didn't get to do as much of it."

Are you hoping for Rachel and Sam to end up together? Rachel and Jesse (Lea's real life BFF Jonathan Groff)? Hit the comments.

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