If viewers ever doubted that the behind the scenes drama at SUR is real, look no further than the second and final installment Bravo's Vanderpump Rules Season 3 reunion special, which aired Monday. After Scheana Shay called Stassi Schroeder a "hypocrite" for icing out Katie Maloney and befriending Kristen Doute, the former server had enough. "Should I bring up why I actually hate Scheana?" Schroeder asked.

Schroeder threw her hands up in the air as the room fell silent.

"You guys all f--king know why she f--king hates Scheana!" Doute yelled. "You know why!"

"Everybody knows!" Schroeder agreed.

Well, not everyone. "I don't know what you think I did!" Shay argued.

"Can you explain to me why you don't like her?" host Andy Cohen asked. "Because I don't know."

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After a heavy sigh, Schroeder said, "If I hated somebody, and I saw that their ex-boyfriend was showing a video, I would get on the phone immediately. First of all, I would say, 'Put that f--king s--t away...'"

Shay cut her former friend off, explaining, "I did say that!"

Schroeder fired back, "No! You watched it and you let everybody else watch it." Shay confessed that she did watch the video, but only "to see what this whole thing was, so I knew if he tried to do something with it. You think I wasn't going to have your back? You think I would have tried to help that come out?"

Jax Taylor, who cheated on Schroeder with Doute last season, defended Shay.

"He came in here, and we were all appalled by what happened," he argued.

Cohen was slightly confused. "To say it gently, you are hurt because there's a piece of videotape that you're not proud of," he said, which Schroeder confirmed. (A source tells E! News it was solo sex tape.)

Shay once again denied showing other people the video.

"You're the one who f--king told me about it at SUR in the middle of work, laughing about it!" Doute said. Shay didn't deny telling her about it, but said, "I didn't have it, Kristen! I didn't have a copy of it!"

The scandal wasn't mentioned during the season, but even so, Schroeder's disdain for her co-stars was evident. "This is why I haven't felt bad about making fun of a wedding dress," she said of Shay's crop top. "I just looked like an a--hole, which is fine! I'll take looking like an a--hole because I don't want anybody to know about this. I would rather look like a bitch than have it come out that I have a video of me...I'm trying to explain that I'm not a f--king awful person. I'm just...I have been hurt! I was told that you were the one who made the joke, saying, 'She should sell this to TMZ.' And then I just felt like, 'What the f--k? Why am I ever going to talk to any of these people again?'" she said. "It was the darkest point in my life."

Once again, Taylor came to Shay's defense.

"Stassi, you have to know, he did come in here and he was showing the whole bar," he said.

Schroeder told Shay, "If you didn't say 'I'm going to give it to TMZ,' then I'm sorry for thinking that you did. But that is what I have felt. And you did nudge it and you did let him show it to a bunch of men."

"I did watch it," Shay admitted, "and I'm sorry."

Shay went into more detail via her Bravo blog. "A little over a year ago, an ex-boyfriend of Stassi's showed me a video that she had sent him. I didn't know what to think. I was shocked...Yes, I watched it, and I feel bad that me watching it hurt her, but when it was in front of my face, it was hard not to, and also I knew he was the type of person who would sell it to get back at her. Although she and I weren't friends at the time, I felt a sense of responsibility to help this not come out," she wrote Monday night.

According to Shay, "word got back to Stassi that I was the one helping try to sell it."

"This couldn't be further from the truth," the SUR server blogged. "This guy asked me for my tabloid contacts, and I said hell no. You can't do this. This could ruin her life. Please, please don't. He promised me he wouldn't. This whole situation died and went away, and I didn't think it would ever be brought up again until Stassi herself brought it up at the reunion. I thought we had moved on from this. We've already spoken about it, but clearly she was still hurt in thinking I had some part in this coming out."

Shay hoped that by watching it, she would "know what we were dealing with" so she could prevent Schroeder's ex-boyfriend from selling the tape. "And I DID! It didn't come out. He didn't sell. I helped with that," the reality TV star insisted. "I just hope Stassi knows that I never wanted to hurt her no matter what our issues were. I never wanted this to come out, and I did whatever I could to stop it."

Schroeder is at odds with other people, too. Watch her fight with Lisa Vanderpump in the video above.

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