The Walking Dead


Gah! We should have expected this, after his heart-to-heart with that guy at the beginning of the episode, but we certainly didn't want it.

Tonight, we watched Noah (Tyler James Williams) die, and we also discovered our new worst nightmare: being stuck in a revolving door with zombies packed on either side.

Revolving doors on their own give us a weird amount of anxiety, because doors are basically the simplest thing in the world and they never needed to be complicated by mechanics and spinning. Add zombies to the mix and we're basically curled up in a fetal position on the floor, or we're doing exactly what Noah ended up doing: essentially sacrificing ourselves in order to end the torture.

Let's go back a bit – Right after Noah had seemingly decided that he wanted to start learning how to build things, Noah, Glen, Eugene, Tara, jerkface Aiden, and some other Alexandria dude headed out on a supply run, and things went horribly. The warehouse was overrun with walkers, Tara fell and hit her head, Aiden got impaled by something and then eaten, and then while trying to get out, Noah, Glen, and the other dude got trapped in the aforementioned revolving doors. Eugene – after preventing Tara from bleeding to death – showed up with the van blaring music to distract the walkers. As soon as the outside was clear, the other dude bailed, leaving Glen and Noah vulnerable. There wasn't really any choice but to let Noah get taken and apparently to have us watch his body get ripped apart, right against the glass.

It was horrifying. So thanks for that, AMC. And thank you to Twitter for "Everybody Ate Chris." At least we had something to giggle about.

Elsewhere in the episode, Abraham proved himself to be a much better construction team leader than whoever was leading it before, so now yet another newcomer is in a place of power in the town. This would be great, if it weren't for Father Gabriel, who decided to go to Deanna to tell her that someone in Rick's group was the devil and they are not to be trusted. Thanks, Father Gabriel. We almost forgot that we didn't used to trust you.

At the same time, Carol and Rick just happened to be plotting the death of Pete, Jessie's husband, but at least it's for a pretty good reason, as the man appears to be abusing his family. Apparently not even the constant threat of zombies and eventual starvation and complete hopelessness for humanity will keep terrible people from doing terrible things, but that should not be a new lesson to Walking Dead fans.

The preview for next week's episode appears to be all stand-offs in the dark between Rick and Deanna, which is a prospect that entices us.

And now if you'll excuse us, we're off to make some Carol cookies. Tonight's secret ingredient: Tears. 

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