Nicholas Brendon from Buffy Arrested Again, for Allegedly Trashing 2nd Hotel Room—Read the Shocking Allegations

The actor, who played Xander on the cult series and has also appeared on Criminal Minds, has been dealing with personal turmoil over the past few months

By Corinne Heller Mar 14, 2015 8:52 PMTags
Nicholas BrendonAraya Diaz/Getty Images for Ms. In The Biz

Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum Nicholas Brendon was arrested on Friday for the third time in five months, for allegedly trashing a hotel room. Again.

The 43-year-old actor, who played Xander on the cult series and has also appeared on Criminal Minds, has been dealing with personal turmoil over the past few months. He was detained in Tallahassee, Florida, where he had traveled to attend the pop culture convention ALT*Con.

He is accused of causing damage to property, worth between $200 and $1,000. He was released from a police jail after posting bail on Saturday, records show. Police have released a harrowing account of what allegedly occurred. Brendon has not commented about the incident.

In a probably cause affidavit obtained by E! News, police say that they responded to a call made from a hotel about a stolen wallet and cell phone.

The manager at the front desk told an officer who arrived that he had contacted them at the actor's request and that Brendon had taken pills and alcohol and was walking around the hotel with blood on him and his clothes torn and wet from a toilet he says the actor had caused to overflow. During their conversation, Brendon arrived, wearing a T-shirt and pajama pants that had a crotch tear, the report stated.

The officer said that when he asked him what was going on, he told him, "Not much, just hanging out. I'm in town to sign autographs."

He then asked the actor if he had called to report a stolen wallet and phone and that the actor said, "Yes, but I don't want to do anything about it."

They then both entered his hotel room, where the officer saw a wallet on a desk. Brendon confirmed it was his. He could not, however, find his phone.

"I observed him with toothpaste all over his face and shirt, his pants were torn, he had defecated on himself and his pajama pants were wet below the knees," the officer wrote in the report.

He said he also saw in the room a prescription pill bottle containing one pill, sitting on a dresser. A prescription for 10 pills was filled earlier that day, the officer stated.

He said Brendon had also during his stay occupied another, similar room, located on a higher floor, which was given to him after he was denied an upgrade. The officer visited it to try to locate the actor's phone and observed there a soaking wet carpet and bathroom floor, a smashed porcelain piece of décor, a damaged dresser, a landline telephone pulled out of its socket and a flipped bed.

The officer wrote that the manager told him that staff had at one point discovered Brendon sleeping in front of the door to the lower-level room, woke him up, and escorted him back to the upper-level one. The manager also told police that guests had complained that Brendon had knocked on their door and then walked in their room, after which staff escorted him out.

The officer wrote that during his conversation with the manager, another officer arrived and as they discussed the incidents and possibly arresting Brendon, the manager received a call from his staff that the actor was at the hotel bar. The police arrested him there. They say he was cooperative and also received a tetanus shot for a cut on his right thumb before he was taken to jail.

In October, Brendon arrested in Idaho for allegedly damaging property and resisting arrest. He later apologized, admitted to being under the influence of prescription medication and alcohol.

"I intend to seek appropriate treatment and therapy for my medical ailments as well as my emotional demons," he said at the time, adding, "During this difficult time, I appreciate understanding as I pursue rehabilitation—and I value support as I earn redemption with my family, friends, and fans."

The actor's arrest in October took place just one week after he tied the knot with girlfriend Moonda Tee in Las Vegas, a week after he proposed to her. Four months later, in February, the actor's rep announced the two had called it quits. Days later, Brendon was arrested for grant theft and criminal mischief after allegedly causing damages in a hotel room in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and then skipping out on the bill. He was also in town for a fan convention at the time. 

"We are aware that Nicholas' actions are of a much deeper origin—and we are working toward creating a healthy environment for him to thrive in," his rep had told E! News. "The past several months have been trying, and Nicholas' disease is damaging and consistently misunderstood. We are doing everything in our power at Camp Nick to assure his recovery."

—Reporting by Holly Passalaqua