Haven't yet watched The Last Man on Earth, the new comedy that E! Online (that's us!) calls "the most original comedy you've seen in years?"

Well feast your eyes on this here video above of Will Forte and January Jones riding in a car...with Kristen Schaal in the backseat. And then go find someone to kick you in the ass because this show is ACES and you have not been making smart life choices!

The only backstory you need to know is this: Will plays Phil, a guy who thought he was the last man on earth until he met Carol (Kristen Schaal). She's incredibly obnoxious, but he married her to have sex with her after knowing her only a week, believing she was the last woman on Earth. And then…Whammo! Melissa (January Jones), who basically looks like a angel sent straight from heaven to poor, sex-deprived Will showed up.

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In this clip, we see that if Phil had only put the date on his signs, things would have gone so very differently…And he might have married Don Draper's gorgeous ex, instead of Flight of the Conchords' weird ex-groupie. 

Really, though, what you really need to do here is look at Will Forte's face. The expression he has while gazing at January, the most attractive real-live woman he's seen in ages, and his bashful admission that yes, he made the signs, is EVERYTHING. As is the perfect use of the power partition button.

Last Man on Earth, created by Will Forte and Lego movie writer/producers Chris Miller and Phil Lord, airs Sunday on Fox…Tune in to see why we can't get enough of this new comedy, and why it's so very different than any other show on TV!

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