Talk about getting down to business!

The White House shared an epic Vine video earlier today featuring Vice President Joe Biden doing bicep curls with a 30-pound weight while taking phone calls in his office. The hilarious clip was shared to promote Michelle Obama's Gimme Five challenge to get fit and exercise.

"Yeah, I do a million of these a day, so just give me five," the 72-year-old says while pumping iron on the phone dressed in his formal business suit and tie. LOL!

"A million arm curls. Calls with world leaders. All in a day's work. Watch VP Biden respond to the First Lady's #GimmeFive challenge," the White Hosue captioned the clip.

Speaking of Gimme Five, Obama appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week to promote her campaign. "In honor of the fifth anniversary [of the Let's Move campaign] I've issued this challenge. We're calling it Gimme Five and we're using the hashtag #GimmeFive on social media," she said. "We're asking folks all across the country to #GimmeFive ways their leading a healthy life. We've got a lot of celebrities involved."

Obama then busted a move and danced to Bruno Mars' hit song "Uptown Funk"!

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