When you're royalty, image is everything.

And in this shocking sneak peek at Sunday's premiere episode of The Royals, which is centered around the lives of a fictional, modern-day British monarchy, Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) lands herself on the front page of a major British tabloid for partying recklessly.

So it's no surprise that Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) is not too happy when her daughter shows up the morning after a night out in Paris, hung-over as hell...

"My daughter, the princess," she exclaims, immediately standing up when Eleanor enters the room. "Behaving like a common whore. But go on, amuse me. Explain this latest disgrace. But please, Eleanor, make it original this time."

The Royals


But the Queen has no idea for the bad news she's about to receive that is only going to change her day from bad to worse.

"Robert's dead, Mom," Eleanor reveals through tears.

Watch the above clip to see the Queen's reaction to the devastating news regarding her eldest son. It's a sad day for the monarchy...

E!'s new scripted series The Royals premieres this Sunday, March 15 at 10 p.m.! Follow The Royals on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates!

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