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If you are having trouble following the couplings of How I Met Your Mother, you may not be the only one. In simple terms: Robin (Cobie Smulders) is one of the aunts, Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) calls himself uncle, and Stella (Sarah Chalke) could be the mother. So...where does that leave us, as far as romantic futures go?

I have the exclusive details from the cast about what flirtations and crushes are leading up to the infamous wedding...

How I Met Your Mother, Neil  Patrick Harris

Cliff Lipson/CBS

Barney & Robin:
Relationship Status:
Did the dirty, but no relationship—yet!
Chance of Survival: She's an aunt, he's an uncle…hmmm
Courtship Process: "Barney gets really interested in the news [show anchored by Robin]," says Josh Radnor.

Poor Barney...his lovah has gone off to Japan, but good news: Robin won't be gone too long. In fact, I think she'll be back just in time for Ted and Stella's yoga-retreat wedding. Neil Patrick Harris says, "Well, it’s no secret that at the end of season three Barney has some more feelings for Robin. By feelings, I mean downstairs, you know what I’m talking about? I think a yoga retreat seems the perfect location—what with the legs-behind-the-ears poses and things—to make that kind of move. So that’s my plan." As sexy as that sounds, will Robin be cool with that? "Well, assuming the chloroform works, I’m not sure she’ll have much to say."

Cobie Smulders

Cliff Lipson/CBS

Ted & Robin:
Relationship Status:
Past lovers, onetime boyfriend-girlfriend
Chance of Survival:
She's an aunt…that would be incestuous!
Courtship Process: Staying good pals

Josh dishes: "There’s a cool development with Robin and Ted that’s not necessarily romantic, but it’s cool. I’ll just say that." Hmmm...Lily and Marshall are moving out, and when Robin gets back from Japan, I do believe she will need a place to stay—so does that mean they will be living together? Do the math, my friends.

How I Met Your Mother, Alyson Hannigan

Cliff Lipson/CBS

Marshall & Lily:
Relationship Status:
Chance of Survival:
Looking good.
Courtship Process: Unconditional love—or obeying your wife and working in corporate America to house and feed her

Could there be little Lilys and Marshalls running around in the near future? Josh says, "Lily and Marshall start having a mature conversation about things." Could it possibly be babies? "We’ll see. I don’t know. They start having a conversation. I didn’t say babies. You said babies." And I hope I'm right!

Josh Radnor, How I Met Your Mother

Monty Brinton/CBS

Ted & Stella:
Relationship Status:
Chance of Survival
: Sarah Chalke is only signed on for four episodes—so far...
Courtship Process: Moving to New Jersey

Ted is on his way to marital bliss...or is he? Resident married dude Marshall has a few words of advice for his buddy: "Just say yes to whatever she wants. Don’t ever argue or try to put your own point of view forward. Just become a total zombie to your wife’s whims." That's a pretty depressing view of marriage—is that really what Jason Segel believes? "No, but that’s Marshall’s point of view, I think—just do what Lily says."

How I Met Your Mother airs tonight (and every Monday) at 8:30 on CBS!

Now, do you think Ted and Stella will actually make it to the altar? Vote in the poll below and share your opinion on the long-term prospects for the couples above. (I, myself, am strangely attracted to Robarney.)

HIMYM: Ted & Stella Poll
Will Ted and Stella actually get married on How I Met Your Mother?
Is Stella the mother?

—Additional reporting by Natalie Abrams

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