There are very few things on the Internet that every single person can agree on. Seriously, see what happens when you tweet that "babies are cute," or something. Someone will always argue with you.

But videos of pets welcoming soldiers home after being separated for a long time is one thing that we honestly believe everyone on the Internet can get on board with. How can you not love the excited barks and squeaks coming from animals that are so desperate to be with their owners again they are actually losing control of their bodies?

This particular dog, named Simba, waited seven months for his dad, Sgt. Paul DiPaolo, to come home from Afghanistan. Paul's wife April said that Simba was "depressed" while her husband was overseas.  

"They would Skype while we was gone," she told "Simba is very attached to my husband. He would get antsy and sit by the door and start crying. He was depressed and confused, but I can't really explain things to a dog."

There is no need to explain to Simba what's happening when April asks in the video, "Is it daddy?" The dog's overjoyed reaction makes it clear that Simba knows his best friend is finally home.

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