Beyoncé Debuts Two New Music Videos

R&B diva premieres two clips to go along with her new singles, one is pretty awesome, the other...meh

By Jennifer Cady Oct 13, 2008 8:28 PMTags

Last week, Beyoncé gifted us with his-and-her singles—"Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" and "If I Were a Boy." And now we have the matching music videos.

Just as we had predicted, "Single Ladies" is all about some crazy fierce dancing that really puts Britney's stiff "Womanizer" moves to shame. (Sorry, had to be said—at least she looks great naked, though, right?) If you stick around until the end, B will even show you her awesome robot hand.

Now about that "Boy" music video...

This one takes all of the awesomeness that is a robot hand and replaces it with a serious melodramatic storyline. It's kinda slow and everyone overacts, but be sure to catch the end where a major twist will probably change your outlook on the dynamics of male-female relationships forever.

Are you into B's new music videos, or will you gladly stick with Brit's "Womanizer" over these black-and-white snoozefests that don't even have a wig change? Also, does having two new singles seem like too much?