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Rihanna, you beautiful, mysterious specimen. What do we have to do to get inside that mystical head of yours? Well, now thanks to the genius of Peter Berg, nothing. 

According to Deadline, the writer/director/producer/creator of Friday Night Lights is set to direct a documentary about the superstar. A source tells the site the flick will examine "Rihanna's life and how she's ascended to become a global icon," and will be a "character study." How many ways are there to say that we've been waiting for this all of our lives? Or, at least since, like, 2007.

So far those are the only details that have emerged about the project, but we have complete confidence in Berg, if for nothing else than the fact that he's responsible for bringing Tim Riggins to our collective lives. That being said, we do have a few suggestions for the film's material. We've been obsessed wtih Rihanna's daily comings and goings every since she first SOS-ed her way into our lives, so we compiled a handy list of the burning (and slightly weird) questions we'd like answered about Dear RiRi. No pressure, though, Pete.

1. How does Rihanna get through hangovers?

2. What is Rihanna's drunk high food of choice?

3. How does Rihanna get that most perfect skin? A step-by-step look at her beauty routine would be preferable.

4. Who is Rihanna's dedicated Instagrammer?

5. Is Leo's hair full of secrets?

6. Does Rihanna ever babysit Blue Ivy?

7. What's the deal with Rihanna and Jay-Z, really?

8. What songs does Rihanna sing when she's drunk? Or does she blast "We Found Love," too?


10. Does Rihanna ever get annoyed about other people clogging the feed on Instagram?

11. Is there such a celebrity who makes Rihanna starstruck?

12. Who does Rihanna drunk text?

13. How often does Drake drunk text Rihanna?

14. How much double-sided tape does it take for Rihanna to avoid daily wardrobe malfunctions?

15. Does Rihanna have a professional double-sided tape applier in her Rih-tourage?

16. Who else is in Rihanna's Rih-tourage? Professional glitter sprayer? Selfie consultant? Personal shot pourer?

17. How many times has Taylor Swift tried to recruit Rihanna into her group of captives  friend circle?

18. Does Rihanna ever get sick of umbrella jokes?

19. What do Rihanna and Paul McCartney talk about?

20. How many hours a day is Rihanna, er, not high?


22. What does Anna Wintour smell like? Seriously.

23. What is Rihanna's favorite Rihanna song?

24. Is Rihanna's grandpa really as cool as he seems on Instagram?

25. How does one go about becoming Rihanna's best friend?

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