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Hey, tuberinos! First off, a huge shout-out to Jennifer Godwin and Natalie Abrams who covered this column (and completely rocked it) last week while I was away in a supersecret location digging up scoop for you...Well, OK, truth told, that supersecret location was actually the Tides Zihuatanejo, which I now refer to as heaven on Earth because it is just about the most peaceful, beautiful and relaxing place you can imagine. Friendly tip: If you happen to be either pregnant or not pregnant (that should apply to some of you), a massage with one of the Tides' native masseuses will change your life. Honest engine! Bottom line? I am happy. The baby is happy. And more importantly for you, I'm in a very giving mood...

Rachel in Miami: Kristin, what is Josh Holloway's phone number?
Not that giving. (P.S. Would you think less of me if I said I didn't have it?) But I do have some more Lost scoop below!

Kelleri in Jacksonville, Fla.: Kristin, why don't you ever talk about Mad Men? It's the greatest show.
Matt Weiner no likey the spoilers, but Bryan Batt teased the experience of the table read for the season finale: "We had no idea what was coming up until we opened the script. We could not predict what was going to happen." I dug for some dirt on if there will be any deaths, but only came up with this: "I can't say, all I can tell you is that it's pretty nail-biting. It's a really good cliffhanger."

Jorge in Madrid, Spain: Hey, Kristin, one of my favorite TV shows (maybe the most) is How I Met Your Mother. Do you know anything new?
The hot Josh Radnor just spilled scoopy details to me on what's to come in the next few episodes leading up to the wedding. So peek below in the spoiler section.

Hannah: Jim? Pam? JAM? Please give up every piece of information you have.

Jenna Fischer

Glenn Weiner/

It's my favorite storyline on TV right now, and that's all there is to it. Except for the spoilers down in the spoiler zone...

Lisa in Austin, Texas: I love Fringe. I have to know if we'll see Mark Valley on the show again!
We'll definitely see a lot more of Mark, according to show creators Alex Kurztman and Roberto Orci, the question is in what form. "Did you watch Alias? No one ever really died on Alias, they came back and popped up in very strange ways," said Kurtzman. Orci added: "We don't know yet. Mark Valley is definitely around, but John Scott may genuinely be dead."

Andy in Long Beach, Calif.: Now that Steven Weber is on Desperate Housewives, does that mean we won't be seeing him again on Brothers & Sisters?
I asked Steven that very thing last week, and he filled me with glee when he said, "Yes, there's a chance that I will be back on." And let me tell you, the eyes said, "Hell, yes." Aww, yeah!

Dex in Summerville, S.C.: I'm so happy Eli Stone is premiering tomorrow! What's the scoop?
There's plenty coming up this season to be excited about. I just spoke with executive producer Marc Guggenheim, and he spilled that we'll see Eli (Jonny Lee Miller) date and have many more crazy visions, including a jump into the future. Marc said, "Probably the biggest stuff happening in the initial batch of episodes is Jordan (Victor Garber) starting to make decisions that will fracture the firm."

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross

Amanda in St. Petersburg, Fla.: OK, thanks for the Lost scoop, now spill: Where is the powerful place we've already seen that might have a Dharma station in it?
In the words of the sage Hugo Reyes: "Australia is the key to the game." I'm told there's at least one off-Island Dharma station in Australia, and I personally love and believe your guesses were right: The station is specifically in or around Ayers Rock/Uluru, the place Rose and Bernard visited on their honeymoon.

Taylor Momsen, Chace Crawford, Gossip Girl

Dara Kushner/

Teddy in New York: Anything new on Gossip Girl? I'm loving Blair and Chuck!
And there's plenty more Blucky goodness where that came from. They'll be circling around each other all season long and giving you at least one good squeal per episode. Meanwhile, keep your eyes on Little J! Matthew Settle (Rufus) told me that Little Jenny Humphrey will do something "jaw-dropping" that makes you question Rufus' abilities as a parent.

Mallory in Orange, Calif.: More scoop on Heroes please!
The Company is going to have some competition. Ever wonder whom the Speedster (Brea Grant) is working for? The rival company, Pinehearst, will be offering a few of our Heroes new jobs, and two of the Heroes' dads run the show at Pinehearst.

Mike in Weatherford, Ky.: More Heroes please!
Claire teams up with her surrogate mom (Sandra Bennet) to save her biological mom (Meredith Gordon) in an upcoming episode. Also, we learn that Meredith's flame-on capability is very, very genetic—as in, she shares it with someone she's related to.

Kyle in Denver: Where's the 30 Rock scoop!? The premiere is in less than three weeks!
The premiere is Oct. 30 on NBC at 9:30 p.m., and you must watch or I'm sending Tracy's lizard after you! So much has changed since we last saw the writers' room at TTJS. Jack (Emmy-winner Alec Baldwin) is working in the mailroom, and Devon (Will Arnett) is trying to shut down GE. (Oh, and by the way, in the spirit of the current economic meltdown, GE is now just "G." Devin sold the E to Samsung, which henceforth shall be known as Samesung.) Oh, and Tracy Jordan is a white woman—seriously. The premiere centers around Liz's (superhero Tina Fey) interview with an adoption agent played by Megan Mullally, and—shocker—it does not go well.

Sally in Hartford, Conn.: Kristin, what's the scoop on my favorite new Office couple, Michael and Holly?
Last week I told you Dunder Mifflin was getting robbed, but I didn't say how. It looks like Michael (Steve Carell) and Holly (Amy Ryan) are so distracted by their lip-locking action they forget to lock up. Michael is getting some booty! Holler!

Wanda2Saints: Tell me about PB&J. How are they doing?
They're doing well, except for the fact that long-distance relationships are hard. There are a couple of upcoming incidents where phone snafus cause confusion and uncertainty between Pam and Jim. (Don't butt-dial, people, it always goes wrong!)

Graham in Long Island, N.Y.: Any scoop on the ladies of Wisteria Lane?
Though Dana Delany teased that Katherine Mayfair did, in fact, have a crush on Dave Williams (Neal McDonough), she also said, "I think we're on episode eight now, and Katherine has a new love interest." Her hot new lover is someone we already know.

Rachel in Mendocino, Calif.: How about some scoop on Andrea Bowen's return to Desperate Housewives?
She's set to return with Steven Weber in tow. "He's playing a professor whose relationship with Andrea is a little closer than Susan would like," said Marc Cherry. Andrea herself added: "Everyone is used to sweet, 17-year-old Julie, and this is a much different 24-year-old girl than you are used to. She definitely has much more grown-up and sultry storylines now."

Sue in Madison, Ind.: Holy frak, I love Fringe. Scoop! Scoop! Scoop!
We learn more about the ladies of Fringe very soon, said Orci: "The first thing you're going to find out is why Olivia (Anna Torv) became a cop, and those traits are going to be things that are the reason why Nina (Blair Brown) would offer her a place in her world. Nina, to some, just seems like a villain, but to others, she is fascinated by Olivia's talent, by her determination, and wants to be around similar strong women. In terms of whether or not you will find out more about her past, all I can say is maybe."

Alli in N.H.: How much do you love the new season of Friday Night Lights? It's perfect and so is Riggins. Any scoop for the season?
The season is amazing—it has everything that made the first year so wonderful, but refreshed and up-to-date—but Riggins (Taylor Kitsch) is not as flawless. In fact, he and brother Billy (Derek Phillips) become thieves in a coming episode. That said, Riggs is generally trying to go straight this year. He wants to overcome everyone's low expectations of him—he's especially hoping to change Buddy Garrity's very negative view of 33 dating his daughter.

Toni: Hey Kristin, how about some info on Friday Night Lights. Any little bit would be welcome. Thanks!
Also, the ambitious McCoys continue to push J.D. into a starting quarterback slot, and other boosters start to agree that maybe Matt Saracen is no longer the man for the job.

Zachary Levi, Chuck

Trae Patton/NBC

Dan in Fairfax, Va.: I understand you are a fan of Chuck and the romance between Chuck and Sarah. Do you have any information regarding their future?
Chuck and Sarah are still on a break, but in "Chuck versus the Cougars," you'll notice that Nicole Richie's character, Heather, is married to a nerd (Ben Savage). When Heather and Sarah get into their big fight in the shower, one of the things driving the battle is Heather's disdainful attitude toward nerds. And Sarah ain't takin' that kind of talk about her man Chuck!

Ted in Teaneck, N.J.: Tell me the Walker family will be friends again soon. I hate seeing everyone so pissed at Tommy! Maybe that's because I heart Balthazar Getty.
Sad to say, the fight with Tommy continues for a few more episodes. I think when you screw your whole family out of jobs and take over the company, you're going to be in the doghouse for a while.

Melissa in Bozeman, Mont.: I heart How I Met Your Mother, how about some Ted scoop?
Josh said, "There's a cool development with Robin and Ted that's not necessarily romantic, but it's cool. I'll just say that." Not romantic, eh? Guesses in the comments!

Jenna in Las Vegas: How long will Robin be in Japan? What about her and Barney?
I'll let Josh answer that one for you: "She's not there long. Don't worry." As for Robarney, "Barney gets really interested in the news, but no, they're letting Barney be Barney." So we'll still see him picking up chicks, sorry to burst your bubble.

Rob in Dublin, Ga.: You said that Lily and Marshall would be moving out this year, so are they officially being grown-ups?
According to Josh: "Lily and Marshall start having a mature conversation about things." Oooh, it's babies! It has to be babies! "We'll see. I don't know. They start having a conversation. I didn't say babies. You said babies." That I did!

Kaitlyn in Seattle: I missed the pledge-paddle smackdown from first season of Greek, what happened?
Silly Rusty (Jacob Zachar) thought it would be smart to hit Evan Chambers (Jake McDorman) upside the head while at Doblers, since Evan was sleeping around on his sister. Word is Evan will get his revenge in a coming episode that takes place during Hell Week. There will be a legendary—wait for it—Battle Royale between the Omega Chis and the Kappa Taus, and Rusty's face may twinge just a bit after that.

Christina Applegate, Samantha Who?


Mena in Los Angeles: Got any hints on what to expect in season two of Samantha Who?
I ran into Barry Watson at Statement magazine's Fall Guys Event at the W Hotel, and he dished that we'll be seeing a lot more of bad Sam (Christina Applegate): "It's usually always stuff with her and Jennifer Esposito. She's got some Bad Sam stuff that really takes over a whole episode." On whether or not Todd and Sam will live happily ever after, it's not looking too bright in the coming future: "She's been dating a bit and meeting new people, and in the next couple of episodes we're shooting, Todd's going to have a couple of girls that he'll be dating." Also, Todd's finally going to have a friend this season named Seth.

Regan in Blaine, Minn.: One of the best shows this summer was definitely Saving Grace! Please tell me it will be back!
Saving Grace returns in March 2009 with eight new episodes. I also ran into Kenny Johnson at the W Hotel event and he said, "We have Christina Ricci and Kathy Bates coming in for three episodes." So, what's the dish on Christina's character? "She becomes Holly Hunter's partner," said Kenny, "so I go off with Butch. Bobby is undercover for a few episodes, so he's out in a child-molestation ring." Also to look forward to: "Somebody's trying to nail some stuff on Grace and the department, which becomes interesting." Also, there will be lots of sex and drinking, because it's Saving Grace.

Graham in Long Island: You haven't covered Raising the Bar at all, and it was picked up! What's the deal?
There's going to be a lot of love in the air. Charlie (Jonathan Scarfe) is going to come out to Jerry (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) when his Latin lover is thrown back in jail. Also, Richard (Teddy Sears) admits he has feelings for Ros (Gloria Reuben), and though she doesn't admit it, I do believe the feelings are reciprocal.

Nicole in Murfreesboro, Tenn.: Hi Kristin! Congrats on the pregnancy. Any chance you can tell me anything about Patrick Warburton on Rules of Engagement? I've had a massive crush on him since The Tick...
He's dreamy, ain't he? Patrick told me that this season, "Brian Dennehy was cast as my dad—we scored—he comes to visit. That's a lot of fun." Megyn Price (his adorable onscreen wife) said, "The episode is great—you can really see the chip off the old block." As for Megyn, she's getting down and dirty this year, "I have a lot more freedom to be human this season, not quite so perfect." How so? "Well, I'm cruel to the elderly, I lie and I cheat...How many deadly sins are there?"

Stacy in Los Angeles: I caught the first episode of Kath & Kim and thought it was hilarious. Any scoop?
In an upcoming episode, "Old," the topic is cheating. Kim (Selma Blair) stalks Craig (Mikey Day) to find out if he's doing the deed, and Phil (John Michael Higgins) has a new lady friend, and that's worrying Kath (Molly Shannon).

Laiq in England: I've heard a rumor that Francis Capra (of Veronica Mars and recent Heroes fame) has been cast on Sons of Anarchy. This is one of my favorite new shows, and I would love for it to be true—are you able to confirm or deny?
It's true! Not only does Francis Capra appear but he's paired with Kevin Alejandro (Santos on Ugly Betty). They play the Mayan MC version of Jax and Opie. Also, the episode airing Oct. 22 ("The Pull") is sure to be Maggie Siff's Emmy submission next year. She has a lot to do, and she will rip your heart out as she does it.

Jen in Milwaukee: Got any Supernatural goodies for me?
Look for an upcoming two-episode arc where we'll meet Anna (Julie McNiven). I'm told that Anna is "a haunted girl who, for mysterious reasons, is able to hear the secret conversations of angels in her head. Demons want to capture her at all costs for the enemy intel she can provide," and the boys have to protect her.

—Additional reporting by Natalie Abrams and Jennifer Godwin

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