Ali Larter

Charley Gallay/Getty Images for DICK'S Sporting Goods

Ali Larter is one hot mama!

The actress attended the Calia By Carrie Underwood launch event in Los Angeles last night and spoke with E! News about making her first post-baby appearance.

"It's my first time being out since my daughter was born, so it's a little shaky. It takes a second, kind of breathing through it, being back in the spotlight. I've been in jammies in bed, so just starting to emerge," the 38-year-old dished.

Little Vivienne Margaret MacArthur, who was born early January, is "sleeping almost seven hours" according to Ali and is "just the most heavenly little creature."

Larter also shared how she slimmed down less than three months after giving birth.

"I just really started hiking a lot again. Walking, hiking, getting into Pilates, can't wait to do my hot yoga…I want to learn ballet [but] I'm not strong enough yet."

She continued, "I like to burn a lot of calories in a workout, because I like to eat! So, for me even now I'm doing a little bit of calorie restriction but not too much because I'm breastfeeding."

Since no slimdown plan is as successful without a healthy diet in place, Larter revealed her must-have snacks that help curb her sweet tooth.

"I definitely crave a lot of sugar. So my go-to for that is dark chocolate. I crave dark chocolate. Also, my go-to is mango, blueberry, goji berry, chia seeds, pistachios, and whatever other nuts I can get my hands on, as well as Greek yogurt, and that gets me over a hurdle. Just fruit isn't enough. Just yogurt isn't enough, but add the nuts in it, and the chia seeds, with all those antioxidants…that's what my go-to grab is."

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