Waterboy, Air Bud, Sandlot

Touchstone Pictures/20th Century Fox/Walt Disney Pictures.

If you're not a football fan, you probably missed the hullabaloo on Tuesday, which was the first day of NFL free agency. And the first day is full of two things: high-profile trades all across the league and rumors, rumors, rumors.

Houston Texans star and awesome human being J.J. Watt decided to have some fun with the insanity of all the NFL madness by "reporting" on some of the biggest and most shocking trades in the history of sports.

Of course, these trades involved your favorite characters from the best sports movies from the '90s, which made us wish there was actually a national league for fictional athletes. We'd watch the s--t out of that.

Characters from The Mighty Ducks, The Sandlot, Friday Night Lights (not the '90s but still necessary to the list) and Waterboy were all apparently being traded to different teams, different sports and sometimes to entirely different time periods. And most importantly: where did Air Bud go?! Watt, Washington Nationals' Bryce Harper, Atlanta Falcons' T.J. Yates and Chicago Bears' Kyle Long have the scoop. Sort of:

Speaking of these sports characters, did anyone else have a real sexual awakening after watching Benny in The Sandlot? For a lot of '90s kids, that movie was the first time we realized the boys are not so yucky after all. #BennytheJet4Ever

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