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Could Cookie Lyon (the flawless Taraji P. Henson) be the greatest, most inspiring character on TV right now?

We certainly wouldn't argue with you if you were to make that claim. The Empire matriarch spent 17 years in prison and strutted out of there like she was on a runway before waltzing back into her family's company like she owned the place.

She's open-minded and beyond supportive of the ones she loves, but she never forgets to take her own happiness and career into account as she charms her way back up the ladder in the hip-hop industry. She does what she wants when she wants and she will not hesitate to tell you what's upespecially if you're her ex-husband's new fiancé ("Boo Boo Kitty!") or her son's gold-digging cougar girlfriend ("Yoko Ono!").

Cookie Lyon is not just our queen. She is the queen, a role model we can all stand behind in the face of anyone trying to bring us down. She's an inspiration and motivation to keep us going even when things aren't yet going our way.

So, to celebrate Cookie and the force that she is, we took a fewsix, to be exactof her best, most inspirational, most motivational, and most sensational quotes and created some epic motivational posters for you to print out and hang on the wall of your office, bedroom, bathroom, wherever!

Click through the gallery now and prepare to have your day made oh so much better by the legend that is Cookie Lyon.  And make sure to keep checking back after each episode as we'll continue to turn Cookie's quotes of wisdom into works of art!

Empire airs tonight at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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