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Think you know Florence Henderson? Think again!

The 81-year-old Brady Bunch star dropped by NBC's Today Wednesday, where she spoke quite candidly with Matt Lauer about getting "older but not old," her sex life (!), her surprising (and mesmerizing) skill set and much more.

To begin with, Florence refuted the idea that there are certain things you simply cannot do as you get up there in age. "I didn't get that memo" she exclaimed. "I work out three times a week. I  have a trainer, I do Pilates, TRX, I do treadmill, I do elliptical, [and] three times a week I dance. I do a lot of fun things."

Matt wanted to know about one of those fun things, so he asked Florence whether something he saw about her having a "friend with benefits" was true. Her answer? "Yes,'"she exclaimed with a laugh, noting that her male pal lives in Florida while she's in California. "We're kind of like, Same Time, Next Year," she said, referring to a 1978 movie (per Today). "When we see each other it's wonderful. ... I don't know that I would want to be married again, but I do love companionship."

Florence also slammed the "unfortunate" notion the quality of bedroom fun has to diminish as you get older. "That doesn't have to be the case...They love to stereotype [older people]," she said.

"I say, do anything you feel like as long as you don't hurt yourself or hurt anyone else," she went on. "It's so important to keep moving, and don't buy into the myth. If we're lucky we all get older, but we don't have to get old."

Amen to that! Florence also told Matt something surprising about herself: She's a trained hypnotherapist! So what exactly does this mean? Can she hypnotize people, and what does that entail? Watch the Today clip above to find out!

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