Selena Gomez Gets Turned on in the Club and Kisses Her Own Reflection in Zedd's New ''I Want You to Know'' Music Video: Watch Now!

Former Disney princess feels the music (and her fellow dancers) in her long-awaited collaboration with the adorable DJ

By Natalie Finn Mar 11, 2015 1:13 AMTags
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Come on, Zedd, get in there!

But the adorable DJ just watches Selena Gomez get her groove on from afar in a variety of cleavage-baring outfits for most of his brand-new music video for "I Want You to Know," which popped up Tuesday.

While there's every likelihood that they're just friends, Zedd and Selena set hearts afire and had fans asking "Justin who?" after it was first revealed that they were collaborating together--and now here's more fruit from that collaboration!

"I Want You to Know," co-written by Zedd, OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder and KDrew, dropped last month, but now we've got this trippy video, featuring a lot of kaleidoscopic imagery, Selena smooching herself in a mirror and feeling the music at the club, Billy Idol-style.

As in, she's dancing with herself.

A tuxedo-clad Zedd keeps his eye on her, but the only people she gets close to on the dance floor are a handsome mystery gentleman and, briefly, a fellow female partier.

Selena and Zedd do share the frame occasionally, longingly looking toward each other, but only in a metaphorical, we-belong-together-but-can't-be-together-yet-but-will way.

You know, "because you and me lead the same life," as the song goes.

Watch and dance!