This should set things straight—Michael Bolton is not a "no-talent ass-clown." In fact, he's pretty funny and proves that he can not only take a joke, but get in on it.

The 1999 comedy Office Space introduced viewers to a character named "Michael Bolton" (played by David Herman), and along with being a cubicle employee who hated his mundane job, Bolton was just as annoyed by everyone constantly teasing him about having the same name as the Grammy-winning artist.

Well, now Funny or Die has decided to give us a real treat by creating a "screen test" video with the real Michael Bolton, playing the character of Michael Bolton, and it's absolutely everything you never knew you needed. Seriously, it's so great.

In the spoof, you'll see Bolton recreate famous scenes involving Herman's original character, including his interactions with his boss, taking his frustration out on a printer and rapping to Scarface's "No Tears" in the car.

Check out the parody above, and then reminisce with a few of the original clips below!

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