Apparently, "Uptown Funk" is the song that just keeps on giving. 

We've watched senior citizens break it down, a teacher perform an epic dance routine with his students and even a YouTube star sing in Family Guy voices—all to the tune of the hit Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' track. 

And on Monday, the Internet gifted us with another glorious clip, thanks to the popular tune and this hilarious flight attendant, who apparently decided to make the most of her time on the tarmac. 

Get it, girl! 

VIDEO: Teacher and his students impress Bruno Mars with their "Uptown Funk" performance 

Funky Flight Attendant, YouTube


According to Redditor Simian_King, the clip shows his sister, a "former break dancer turned flight attendant, keeping passengers entertained" before their flight. 

And he's not kidding—the brunette stewardess seriously breaks it down, despite only having a few feet of space, and even receives a round of applause from the delighted passengers. 

We can't tell which airline this is (hit the comments if you have any ideas), but it's safe to say this funky flight attendant deserves a raise. 

Is it too soon to book a seat on her next trip for some prime in-flight entertainment? Keep up the great work! 

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