Although Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson now have the sad experience of getting dumped by Chris Soules, they haven't [yet] had to break up with someone on national television. But as the new bachelorettes—that's right, there will be two women looking for love during the eleventh season of the Bachelorette—they'll have to break many hearts.

Ever the gentleman, Jimmy Kimmel let Kaitlyn and Britt practice breaking up with the future dumpees by volunteering to be their subject. He also argued that the exercise would help them empathize with Soules.    

"All of a sudden the shoe's on the other foot, and maybe you'll have an appreciation for what Chris was going through when he had to break up with you guys," Kimmel said Monday.

Kaitlyn had the pleasure—or pain—of dumping the host first, and we have to say she did it pretty gracefully LOL.

"Jimmy, we had a beautiful moment in the hot tub. Our connection was instant," she said. "I love staring deep into your eyes, but unfortunately there's somebody else who has my heart."

Bachelorette, Jimmy Kimmel


But the host couldn't handle the idea of another man! "Who is this son of a bitch?!" he asked.

Her answer will absolutely shock you! It certainly surprised Kimmel, who proceeded to then ask Britt to break his heart. In hindsight, he probably regrets asking to get dumped because it got a little more violent with Britt!

Calling him a "drama queen," Britt dumped the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host because she had discovered he was married!


"Matt Damon just told me how bad you are so this isn't going to work out," Britt continued. And then she slapped him across the face, which Kimmel, a Bachelor expert, said she wasn't allowed to do because it was against the rules! But he was glad they "got that out of the way."

Watch the video above to see the future bachelorette's get their breakup on, and tell us in the comments below which bachelorette you prefer!

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